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                                                          (4oz Jar Canle pictured)

                                                           8oz Jar Candles $7.50

Almond - A strong sweet nutty scent.

Amber Glow - Single note Amber fragrance.

AMBER ROMANCE - An alluring blend of black cherry, creme anglaise and sandalwood Victoria's Secret duplication(YELLOW)

Apple Butter - Apple with Rich Butter Cream and Cinnamon

APPLE CINNAMON - This is strong on apple and not too heavy on the cinnamon.(RED OUT)


APPLE SPICE - Granny Smith Apple with Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg.

April Fresh Downey-Great clean refreshing scent that smells like it's name sake.

BABY POWDER -A scent we are all very familiar with!(BLUE)

BAKE APPLE PIE - Hot , warm apple bake with A hint of cinnamon & vanilla.(RED & YELLOW BROWN)

BANANA - Strong banana scent.(VANILLA)

BANANA CREAM PIE - Yummy cream pie with fresh banana's with whipped cream and a wonderful flaky homemade crust.(VANILLA)

BANANA NUT BREAD - Fresh Baked Bread with bananas, nutmeg, brown sugar and cinnamon spice.(YELLOW BROWN)

Bear Claws -Layers of sweet flaky pastry made irresistible with mouthwatering hints of chocolate, honey, almonds, raisins, and confectioner’s sugar! This is a really strong oil! Bursting with different sweet smells to fill your house!!!

BERRY PATCH - A mix of summer berries

BLACKBERRY - Just like the sweet plump juicy blackberries.(NAVY BLUE)

BLACK CHERRY- Sweet sun-kissed black cherries.(BURGUNDY)

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA - B&BW Dupe - Sun sweetened berries warmed by vanilla(PURPLE)

BLUEBERRY - Fresh blueberries(BLUE)

Blueberry Cheesecake - Sweet Creamy Cheesecake covered with ripe blueberries!!

BLUE HAWAIIAN- A mixture of blueberries & pineapples rolled in one.(LIGHT BLUE)

CANDY CORN - Sweet and buttery aroma of the honey and caramel Halloween treat.

CAPPUCCINO BRULEE-It smells like fresh brewed Cappuccino with a hint of Cinnamon. (BROWN)

Cappuccino Hazelnut- Hazelnut flavored cappuccino

CARIBBEAN COCONUT - This is a fabulous coconut scent. You'll think you're laying on the beach! (WHITE)

Caramel - Thick, warm, rich, creamy caramel(BROWN)

CARROT CAKE - Carrots, Nutmeg, Vanilla and Cinnamon with a nice Buttercream Frosting.(YELLOW BROWN)


Cherry Blossom - Smells like freshly-picked soft, delicately sweet, cherry blossoms.

CHOCOLATE - The great smell of chocolate.(BROWN)

CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE - Rich Creamy Chocolate, Flaky Pie Crust and whipped cream!.(BROWN)

CINNAMON- Fresh ground cinnamon..(BROWN)(out)


Cinnamon Berry - A blend of cinnamon and mixed berries(out)

CINNAMON BUN - Fresh homemade cinnamon buns baking in the oven.(BROWN)

Cinamon & Brown Sugar- Very simple, but winning combination.

CINNAMON COFFEE - Smell like a strong cup of fresh brewed coffee with a hint of cinnamon.(BROWN)(out)

CINNAMON STIX - This fragrance is an even more potent version of the classic cinnamon scent.(BROWN)

Cinnamon Vanilla - Classic vanilla with a touch of ground cinnamon.)(out)

CLEAN COTTON TYPE - A Yankee Candle dupe - like fresh clean linens.(WHITE)

COCONUT- Just like a fresh cracked coconut.(WHITE)

Cococnut Creme

Coconut Lime-A blend of creamy coconut, fresh juicy lime and exotic verbena.

COLUMBIAN COFFEE - The best part of waking up - strong fresh brewed coffee!(BROWN)

Country Bake Shoppe - All of the wonderful scents from your local bakery combine to make this one very strong and fragrant scent.

Country Bumpkin -Warm Cinnamon Pumpkin Rasin bread with a hint of ginger, nutmeg & vanilla....(PUMPKIN SPICE)

COUNTRY BREEZE - The scent of cucumber & melon in a breeze.(GREEN)

Cotton Candy -Sticky and sweet just like at the carnival ! Fluffy, spun sugar on a stick !(OUT)

Cucumber Melon - Extremely fresh and clean


Cranberry Orange Muffin- A mouth watering bakery scent perfect for the holidays. Cranberry and oranges highlight the delicious blend of grains and spices to make this a scent you are sure to love.(YELLOW BROWN)

Cranberry Vanilla - Cranberry with A hint of vanilla mixed in.(OUT)

Dusty Rose - A beautiful powdery rose scent.

FRENCH VANILLA- A thick, rich, creamy, sweet vanilla.(IVORY)

FRESH PEACH - Smells just like A juicy fresh ripened peach.(PEACH)

FRESH STRAWBERRY - Ripe sweet red strawberries. (RED)

FRENCH VANILLA COFFEE - Perfect combination Coffee and French Vanilla to make this delightful aroma

GARDENIA - Nothing but the pure wondeful fragrance of the blooming Gardenia Flower.(WHITE) (OUT)
Grandma's Kitchen - Warm blend of apple cinnamon and spice, just like grandma's kitchen(BROWN)



Hawaiian Breeze, Wondeful storng tropical scent!

HAWAIIAN RAIN - The Freash clean scent of rain with wisps of exoctic tropical hawaiin flowers. This scent makes you feel as if your right there on the beautiful island.(GREEN)

HAZELNUT COFFEE - It smells like a steaming hot cup of delicious Hazelnut Coffee with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.(BROWN)

HAZELNUT - A sweet, strong, nutty scent.(BROWN)

(VS) HEAVENLY - smells like the heavenly by victoria secrets.(WHITE)(OUT)

Holiday Spice / Warm Spices - Strong sweet blend of warm holiday spices

Honeysuckle - A sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.(YELLOW)

Hot Buttered Rum - Smells like Butter Rum

Honeysuckle Rose - A wonderful blend of two of America's most beloved floral scents.(YELLOW)

IRISH COFFEE -This is a wonderful warm and cozy blend of sweet cream and rich smooth coffee..(BROWN)

Jack Frost - Smells Wonderful !Fresh Crisp Just like the First Snow fall! Very Strong Peppermint! Love This Scent!(WHITE)

LAVENDER- A sensual flower thought to have powerful romantic abilities.(LAVENDER)

Lemon - The fresh scent of lemon. not too tart but not too sweet.(YELLOW)

Lemon Meringue Pie - It smell just like the real pie!

Lilac - The smell of lilacs blooming in the Spring(OUT)

LOVE SPELL- A fresh blend of citrus, peaches, black currant, rose petals with a sweet musky base.

Lick Me All Over-A wonderful exotic fragrance

Lily of the Valley - Little fragrant white bell shaped flowers that appear only in the spring

Luscious Vanilla - Sweet Creamy Vanilla and Buttery Sugar Cookie to make one great scent...(OUT)

Maple Cinnamon Twist - Warm maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon

MAPLE SYRUP - Warm Sweet Maple Syrup - mmm good!(LIGHT BROWN)

Mulberry - Strong dark full bodied berry scent that is great for Fall or all year round(BURGUNDY) (OUT)


ORANGE - What you think of when you think of orange!(ORANGE)

Orange Blossom - Smells like orange blossom flowers(ORANGE)

Orange Coconut - Two great scents together!

ORANGE CHOCOLATE- The scent of orange & chocolate in one fragrance.(BROWN)

ORANGE DREAMSICKLE - Smells just like the creamsickles you buy from the icecream man...vanilla ice cream and orange ice.(ORANGE)

Orange Spice- Orange with just a touch of spice

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - Just like mom use to make. Straight from the oven - this scent is dead on for the real thing. oatmeal, cinnamon and raison goodness(LIGHT BROWN)

Passionate Kisses - VS dupe - a cherry vanilla type scent. Rich sweet and oh so good(PINK)

PEACH BLOSSOM - Smells like peach blossom flowers(OUT)

PEACHES & CREAM - Juicy Peaches and rich sweet cream.(PEACH)(OUT)

Pear Spice - Spicy Pear scent

PECAN PIE - An aroma of fresh pecans smothered in a pralines and butter sauce, with a baked crust.(BROWN)

PEPPERMINT - The uplifting fragrance of cool, refreshing peppermint.(WHITE)

PINA COLADA- A delicious blend of coconut milk and ripe crushed pineapple.(WHITE)

PINEAPPLE - A sweet pineapple scent.(YELLOW)

Pine/Christmas Tree - The wonderful aroma of a fresh pine!

Pink Sugar - Notes of cotton candy, caramel, raspberry, bergamot, licorice, powder, fig leaves, orange, strawberry, and wood.,

PUMPKIN PIE - Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and brown sugar. The scrumptious scent of fresh-baked pumpkin pie adds a hint of fall festivity to any room! & the air with a wonderful sweet and spicy fragrance.

PINK FLAMINGO - A whimsical blend of citrus and cherry.

Pumpkin Spice - A blend of baked pumpkin, brown sugar & cinnamon.(PUMPKIN SPICE)(OUT)

Pure Seduction (VS) a romantic and intoxicating blend of florals and peony with a touch of amber and musk.....(OUT)

RAIN - Clean and uplifting like a summer rain storm.(GREEN)

Rain Forest - A nice fresh clean scent of of ozone H2O and forest greens..(GREEN)

RASPERRY- A sweet succulent fruit picked fresh from the bush.(DARK PINK)

RASPBERRY DELIGHT - Great for the raspberry lovers!

ROSE- Soft and fragrant scent of a rose(RED,WHITE,YELLOW,PINK)

Sandalwood Rose - A subtle wood toned fragrance blended with a discreet harmony of spices, including the leading note of rose, with cedar and musk.

SEA BREEZE -Imagine a cool fresh breeze while walking along the seaside.(BLUE)

Spiced Plum - Sweet ripened plums with a hint of spice.

SPRING FLOWERS - A garden delight!

SOUTHERN SUNSHINE - Love A summer scent all year this is perfect!

SUMMER BREEZE - Jasmine with A hint of orange Blossom!

Sweet Pea - The scent of sweet pea flowers.
SOFT ROSE - Soft scent of A rose in bloomed.(RED)

SUGAR COOKIE- A delicious cookie dough .(VANILLA)(OUT)

STRAWBERRY/BANANA -fresh ripe strawberries swirled in with banana under tones, a fruity favorite(RED)

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM - The aroma of fresh, juicy strawberries with just the right amount of creamy sweetened whipped cream.(PINK)

Sun Washed Linen - Fresh Linen with floral notes

TROPICAL BREEZE - A truly relaxing seaside scent.(BLUE)

TROPICAL FRUIT - A terrific blend of tropical fruits(ORANGE)

TROPICAL ISLANDS - Sweet floral blend of Honeysuckle and hybiscus(WHITE)


VANILLA- A comforting, creamy, smooth vanilla.(VANILLA)

Vanilla Almond-Fresh almonds infused with sweet cream.

VANILLA CAPPUCCINO - Just the right mix of coffee and vanilla makes for a mouth-watering combination of fragrances.(BROWN)

VANILLA GARDEN - ROSE, LAVENDAR & VANILLA will make A wonderful aroma in any room!(WHITE)

VANILLA HAZELNUT- A mouthwatering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla(LIGHT BROWN)

Vanilla Latte - This one will leave you wanting the real thing! Rich, creamy, and heavy on the vanilla.

VERY BERRY - A basket of fresh picked berries.

WATERMELON- Sweet juicy vine-picked fruit great on a hot summer day.(GREEN)

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